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Tropstar by CULTA - Waave Dispensary (Maryland Recreational)

Strain: Tropstar

Dispensary: Waave

Market: Maryland Recreational

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

She’s a runner, she's a Tropstar, and I’m going to light her up when it gets hard. Cheesy rap song reference aside this Tropstar is a delectable sativa surprise cultivated by CULTA and currently available from Maryland recreational marijuana dispensary, Waave. As a sucker for the Tropicana Cookies crosses I couldn't be more stoked for the citrus terps this one is putting out!



Long, silky trichomes cover the lush green buds while specks of purple pop out in random patches. There are also lengthy pistils that are fiery orange.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



Heavy citrus and Tangie-like terps that stick to the inside of my nose.


A funky orange flavor mixed with some gassy notes that hit all at once.



The Tropstar strain is a cross of Tropicana Cookies and Jedi Kush that runs sativa dominant.


Tropstar started off with a fast-paced and talkative high, giving me an upbeat energy that kept me engaged and chatty. A delightful tingle spread throughout my body, accompanied by a warming sense of happiness. I found myself tackling mundane household chores easily, making them more enjoyable than usual. I even noticed that after the effects wore off my energy levels remained elevated, which kept my productivity going.



This Tropstar left a lasting impression on me with its awesome citrus forward stance. The effects are what you might expect in terms of Trop crosses, energetic and pleasantly upbeat, but the nuances of the delicious flavor are what set it apart. To taste it for yourself just head to Waave today and don't forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!


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