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Zoap - Flower Ave

Strain: Zoap

​Service: Flower Ave

Market: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

This is a gnarly batch of Zoap from DC i-71 cannabis delivery aficionados, Flower Ave. Of course, by "gnarly" I mean it's highly pungent in a funky skunky way as well as being visually akin to eye-candy. It's so delicious, yet powerful in flavor that a friend joked it was like they had "just washed their mouth out with Zoap" after pulling a large bong rip. 👄💨


Bright green and bluish-purple buds have white and starry trichomes all over. Fluffy in structure and crisp to the touch.


Fresh and just starting to cure.


Like a spicy, fruity soap with candy-like elements and hints of petro fuel.



Like tart candy mixed with gas and skunk. A deliciously rich and exotic flavor.


An evenly balanced hybrid, the Zoap strain is a cross of Pink Guava and Rainbow Sherbert.


I felt that this batch was much more on the mellow side of 50/50, but enjoyed its euphoric and highly aromatic presence in my life, nonetheless. It quelled all digestive pain for me and led to an overall cheery disposition, but one where I was, honestly, a bit lethargic. Moving it to the late afternoon and evening time resulted in a more ideal experience and I loved the mellow, yet alert combo at that juncture. Very, very potent either way.



A phenomenally tasting toke with good effects that are calming yet don't put you down for the count are all aspects that make this batch of Zoap one that you should consider for your herbal selections this week. Hit up Flower Ave to check out this and all their other awesome exotic flower options today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you their way!

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