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Zugatti - Flight Pass DC

Strain: Zugatti

​Dispensary: Flight Pass DC

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

This "Zugatti" from DC i-71 cannabis storefront Flight Pass represents the latest trend of exotic cannabis hybrids that are rising in popularity. It's an "ultra-hybrid" designed and created by a west coast cultivator who’s identity is still shrouded in mystery. Similar in name to a famous sports car which is equally as exotic and unique, this Zugatti is powerful and luxurious with effects that indica lovers will surely appreciate.



These round buds are tightly packed and covered with a layer of trichomes that sparkle in the light.


Beginning to cure.



There's a heavy aroma of fruity, creamy funk with a hint of pine. It's reminiscent of some strong OG Kushes that I've had over the years.


Notes of pine, coffee, hazelnut and spices. Very complex, but definitely mouthwatering.


Flight Pass describes their Zugatti as an Indica hybrid dominated by traits similar to Do-Si-Dos and OG Kush. There also appear to be some Runtz involved as well and the fruitiness in the aroma is very familiar in that regard. My colleague's esteemed (lol) guess is that this is likely "Dosi-Runtz", originally cultivated by the mysterious Zugatti.



I found the effects of this flower to be joy inducing and immensely relaxing. I was stoned, but functional and felt some creative vibes as well. It created a calm and carefree mindset and, without much disorientation, I was still able to knock out a few items on the at-my-desk to-do list with ease. Though I liked it for afternoon use, I think most would probably agree that it's best saved for more sedentary activities or evening time.


I give this Zugatti a big stamp of approval. It was flavorful and very potent, but wasn't too overpowering and didn't make me drowsy. To me, it was fuel for the soul and just the relaxed, stoney buzz I was looking for to calm my bones. To grab some Zugatti for yourself zoom over to Flight Pass today. Be sure to let them know that Toker’s guide sent you!

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