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Zuper Mochi - Top Level DC

Strain: Zuper Mochi

Service: Top Level

Service Type: DC Dispensary

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Lean: Slightly Indica

Initial Thoughts

I’ve seen more and more crosses of Mochi popping up in recent memory, and Zuper Mochi seems to have inherited some of its strongest genetics. Currently available from DC marijuana dispensary, Top Level, an eighth of this zenful strain will give you at least 3.5 reasons to smile today. 😊



These buds are different shades of purple and green which is contrasted by dark orange pistils and lots of frosty trichomes.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



A sweet berry fragrance with hints of mango.


It was sweet and berry-like on the palate which was contrasted by hints of cream and pepper in the aftertaste.



The Zuper Mochi strain has unknown genetics, but Mochi Gelato is a pheno of the famous Mochi strain, which is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, that runs slightly indica dominant.


Zuper Mochi wasted no time in announcing its presence, hitting me first with a powerful case of the munchies. However, this was just the beginning of its dynamic effects. I soon found myself swept up in an energetic high that kept me motivated and focused. Initially, my motivation was directed towards snacking, but as the high progressed, I also felt inspired to tackle some work too. Great for nearly any time of day besides bedtime.



This Zuper Mochi is a refreshing change up from the more candy-like exotics we've gotten used to recently. It’s less candy and more fruit, sort of like a Starburst, and it's effects are balanced enough to give you the best of both worlds. To taste it for yourself head to Top Level DC ASAP and don’t forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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