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Agent Orange - LOCAL'd

If you'd like to partake in some local grown flower, known for its citrus aroma and flavor, while also contributing more to local DC artisans, check out this batch of Agent Orange from DC i-71 delivery service LOCAL'd.


Really on point for a daytime toke and easily able to induce vibrant journeys of the active mind, this is a sativa-heavy hybrid not to be messed with anywhere near bedtime. The Toker's Guide staff really enjoyed the heightened creativity and positive energy it afforded, making even the more mundane tasks of the day seem brighter.


A cross of Jack The Ripper and Orange Velvet, which is effectively Jack's Cleaner X Space Queen X Orange Skunk, it's kind of a terpene monster. The presence of the spicy Alpha Humulene is enhanced by Limonene and Terpinolene to make an intense and unique citrus profile. Notice just how intense the aroma gets as you break it up to throw in your paper or bowl. Then thank the above terpenes for what your nose just got to experience.


While the bud structure of this batch is a sign that the cultivation could have been handled by more seasoned professionals, we appreciate the effort and attention given to make this a high quality flower, nonetheless. We want local growers to get better and the only way that happens is with practice, so we'll keep supporting their journey and watching their harvests get better and better.


To play your part and contribute to local-focused cultivation and other DC craft businesses, hit up local only LOCAL'd today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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