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Apple Fritter - Joint Delivery

This batch of ultra premium, evenly balanced hybrid, Apple Fritter from Joint Delivery is an amazing mashup of high-flavor and high-potency parents Animal Cookies and Sour Apple. It's super skunky sour apple aroma is perfectly intertwined with a sugarly cake-like mouth and notes of vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon as well. Your mouth will literally water as soon as you open up a jar of this stuff. And yes, I said jar because this high grade deliciousness comes packed in sturdy glass jars with screw off lids - the best way imo to tote crazy stanky flower like this around town.

The level of quality achieved with this batch is immediately apparent as the large, pure white layers of trichomes clash with dark and light greens. The texture is super soft and pliable - this bud is OH SO fresh. There are even hues of deep purple and red on some of the top colas. This was undoubtedly cared for and manicured at the very highest level.

When inhaled there's a savory flavor that takes over instantly and causes the same mouth watering effects as its first smell, but in much greater intensity. As you hold it in, the tingle of a needed cough becomes stronger and stronger, but in a pleasant way. When you do first exhale a cough is almost inescapable. There's a rush to your forehead and your entire body is soon wrapped up in a cozy hug of a buzz.

There is some energy with this one, but also the ability to curl up with the very noticeable and euphoric body buzz. The skunky sour apple aroma will tend to cling to all that you do, so be aware, but your energy levels should allow you to tackle your easy going exercise like yoga or a walk. You're probably not going to want to go for a run or anything more strenuous though.

I actually found this to be a most enjoyable strain for cooking. Not putting it your food, although I'm sure that would be interesting as well, but partaking beforehand and carrying a buzz while you cook or grill. Something about the flavor that goes well with the smells of a going kitchen and the moderate energy (and occasional tastes) make it all that much more enjoyable. Additionally, the buzz is extremely long lasting so no need to leave the grill to reload.

I highly recommend hitting up Joint Delivery ASAP to try this Apple Fritter batch, of the very highest order, for yourself. Don't forget to mention promo code "TokersGuide" for $10 off!


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