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Black Cherry Pie - Top Secret DC

Do you ever spend any time just gazing at your bud? I mean, really looking at it. This Black Cherry Pie by Top Secret DC is a real looker. She’s dense, purple and smothered with kief, leaving you bud-struck, and content.

Toker's Guide Review - Black Cherry Pie (Photo)

In all seriousness, Top Secret’s Black Cherry Pie is probably one of the best strains I’ve smoked lately. This indoor grown strain feels like an indica but there was definitely some cerebral buzz in there that is commonly associated with a strong sativa. After one puff of this Black Cherry Pie I was, and I can’t stress this enough, stoned. Not just stoned, but like, stoned stoned.

Whenever I write a review on any strain, from any vendor, I usually follow the same process: open the bag, waft in the aroma, break it down, grind it up, and give it the ol’ one-hit test. I always take my time with new strains because, like Black Cherry Pie, some strains can really catch you off guard and this one did.

I’m not usually a fan of indoor flower, sun grown plants are usually bigger, THC content is lower, CBD content is higher and that’s just my jam, ya know?. But every once in a while a real sticky-icky indoor strain will waltz on by, tantalizing me with it’s dusty ridges and purple leaves and I just can’t…*puff*... stay….*puff*...away.

Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the plant, Black Cherry Pie is that “stop n’ look” type strain that’s definitely worthy of a dedicated IG post. It’ll catch your eye, and your senses, off guard.

Let’s talk about the smell of this guy, shall we? Usually when you open up a fresh bag o’ weed for the first time, you’re smacked by its scent and Black Cherry Pie is no exception. I don’t like reading reviews that go the obvious route when describing a strain’s smell. It’s always something like, “OMG! This Lemon Haze smells exactly like lemons! How crazy!”.

So, with that said, I have to apologize for this next sentence…

This Black Cherry Pie smells exactly like black cherries! How crazy! No, but seriously it does always surprise me when I come across an aptly named strain like this one. It just goes to show how involved the cultivators are in the growing process.

So, we broke it down, now to wrap it up, Black Cherry Pie by Top Secret DC does have that sweet, cherry smell and, when inhaled, its densely THC-infused haze will weave its way through your body, satisfying all your senses.


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