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Black Cherry Truffle - Flower Ave

Strain: Black Cherry Truffle

​Service: Flower Ave

​Service Type: DC Recreational Delivery

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

At first glance the buds of this Black Cherry Truffle sample from DC recreational (i-71) delivery team, Flower Ave, were surprisingly dark purple and mysterious looking in their pack. Soon the aroma rose to my nose, one of effervescent sour cherry, making me even more curious. As they finally met the light of my photo hutch the twinkle of starry trichomes galore was the final confirmation that I needed - this was, indeed, some highly exotic designer cannabis.



Dark purple and violet with heavy trichome coverage and burnt orange hairs.


The buds are beefy, rotund, and dense. The texture is crisp and brittle, but still sticky.


Fresh, but just starting to cure.



Strong sour cherry with cream much like cherry yogurt. Gassy and skunky notes. Hints of lime and pepper.


Fruity, sour, and gassy with hints of cream and earth. An incredibly exotic, but smooth toke. Lingering, pungent aftertaste.


Black Cherry Truffle is a high THC (typically around 30%) hybrid cross of GMO and Cherry Fritter that leans slightly indica dominant. Known for its crazy complex aromas and flavors, it can run the gamut from sour cherry pie to sweet cherry cake depending on the cut. In the sample at hand the cultivator seems to have landed on a delightful amalgamation of sour cherry fruit and cream.



Powerfully stoning head high with some disorientation and sedation. Euphoria fills in strong after a few minutes and leaves a heavy, warm, and cozy body buzz for long durations. Outsized effects on the eyes with lights swirling and the need to squint more. An enchanting experience best left for the evening hours before bed.


The team found this one absolutely delicious, but capable of inducing some mesmerizing highs that seemed to never end. If you're looking to add a powerful designer exotic bag to your coffers this weekend hit up Flower Ave and grab some of this Black Cherry Truffle. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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