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Blue Syrup - The Gift Givers

For all my super sweet and fruity indica lovers - and especially my Blueberry fanatics - I present to you this Blue Syrup from DC i-71 delivery service, The Gift Givers. She's an 80/20 indica-heavy hybrid crossbreed of DJ Short's Blueberry and Cherry Pie Kush and she's ready to make you contemplate the ways you might be able to put this flavor all over your pancakes it's so delicious.


I'd also like to note the freshness and stickiness of these buds. Push your finger down on one from the top and it will stay stuck to it when you pull your finger back up. This also means the terpene levels and complexity are still very high as well. You might think the trichome coverage is on the lighter side, however, in this case the trichomes will continue to be more and more pronounced as the bud cures further - a testament to its freshness.


Pull a tube of this and the first thing you'll notice is the splendid flavor. Its sweet and fruity aroma has been easily passed through to the palate and will leave you salivating for another hit. Do be mindful to keep this highly euphoric and mesmerizingly potent indica for the evening hours, though, as you can face plant pretty hard with over indulgence. Like any classic Blueberry-based indica your fridge will not be safe from midnight munchie raids once you regain consciousness.


To add some of this deliciously sweet and funky indica varietal to your coffers just give The Gift Givers a shout ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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