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Blueberry Haze - DC Teapad

The guys over at DC Teapad are one of the first, if not THE first, I-71 compliant delivery services in DC. From the early days they've shown a consistent focus on caliber of gift. One thing I've noticed each and every time is that their gifts always have impeccable flavor.

Along these lines, I had to present to my fellow tokers this astoundingly aromatic and flavorful variety in their current gift arsenal. Her name is Blueberry Haze and she smells and tastes absolutely incredible. It's the kind of sweet, succulent, blueberry smell that might make you want to tape the bag to your nose and walk around for a while. Seriously.

When vaped, this lady is comparable, if not better, than most fruity flavors you'd experience in a vape cartridge full of terp sauce. The reason for this is, of course, the high terpene levels in this batch. That means it was grown, harvested, and cured with expertise. It also means it's highly potent.

My only critique would be that the bud structure was slightly compressed, but this was my fault as it got slightly crushed in the bag in transit. For the newbies, if you get cannabis and it seems compressed, crushed, or stuck together, it doesn't mean that what you have is inferior. It could simply mean that someone took extra care in packaging it (think vacuum sealed bags) from the source because its smell was so pungent. It could also mean that it got crushed in transit accidentally.

In terms of effects, this batch is wonderfully creative, energizing, and euphoric. I'm a big fan of the traditional hazes and this cross of Secret Haze and Blueberry satisfies those seeking the cerebral effects of a haze, but also packs the body buzz of a solid indica. After all, it's only slightly sativa leaning (60% / 40%). For me, this strain works really well on early morning digestive pain.

If you're a fan of hazes or if you love fruity flower, this batch of Blueberry Haze is sure to impress. Set up a delivery with DC Teapad today to check her out for yourself!


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