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Sour Cherry Pie - DC Teapad

Big thanks to DC Teapad for letting us check out this batch of Sour Cherry Pie! She's a real treat and certainly lives up to her namesake in flavor and effects. As we keep saying, everything we've gotten from these guys has had amazing flavor.

For this one, the aroma is sour at first, then hints of cherry begin to appear, and finally there's a cookie-like back. The cookie flavor and more of a tart diesel flavor are noticeable when smoked and even more pronounced in the vape.

When it comes to genetics, she's a sativa heavy hybrid with a cross of Grand Daddy Purp (GDP) and Durban Poison on one side, and the infamous Sour Diesel on the other. The diesel effects are definitely apparent, but the body buzz that sets in nicely can probably be most attributed to the GDP. You'll want to save this one for the morning or daytime though as it does come with some coffee like drive and energy.

In structure, the buds are quite dense with brown hairs and a slight tint of purple. The trichomes are clustered similar to what you might see in an OG cross.

The only challenge I would say this batch has is the cure could have been slightly (emphasis on slightly) better. Nevertheless, she's a great smoke and, again, very flavorful!

If you're into Sour Diesel, cherry aroma's and flavors (esp. cherry pie), or if you're looking for something make your day more vibrant and energetic, this is the strain for you. Set up a delivery with DC Teapad asap to check this one out for yourself.


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