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Mendo Breath - DC Teapad

Happy Friday everyone! You have to check out this Mendo Breath from DC Teapad. It is straight FIRE. You will not be disappointed. The smell alone is out of this world. It's a very sweet candy-like aroma with lots of vanilla and caramel notes. Simply a wonderful nose and flavor, which is true to form for these guys (see their other reviews here).

This strain is a cross of Mendo Montage and OG Kush Breath, the Mendo being the rare and phenomenal genetics making her so unique. She's an indica dominant hybrid and the average potency level is very high in this one my friends.

In terms of effects, this batch packs the typical euphoric full body buzz but with a little extra oomph. The sedative effects rush to drag you to the nearest couch where you'll find happy, meditative moments ahead. Throw on some Netflix, but don't pick anything too complex or with a high amount of focus required.

As for structure and appearance, the buds are nearly coniferous with numerous crystalline trichomes and lots of blue and purple flecks of color. The cure is perfect and the smoke is just out of this world.

Overall, this one is a real treat and we give a BIG thanks to DC Teapad for hooking it up! Give them a shout asap before this one is GONE!


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