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Blueberry Skunk - DC Dash

Next up on the chopping block is this Blueberry Skunk strain from DC Dash delivery service. By chopping block, I mean rolling tray, and this is one that’s definitely great to roll for a multitude of reasons, starting with the fact that the rolling process released an entire blueberry patch into my man cave (aka garage). Yes, my "macho" workspace was being taken over by a fruity fragrance that had me looking over my shoulder to make sure there wasn’t a local black bear looking for an afternoon snack. 🐻


This Blueberry Skunk was living up to its name immediately upon opening the bag and right up through the exhale of this fat joint. What starts as a blueberry taste with earthiness in the mouth ends up making everything smell like a skunk on the roam. That skunkiness is also left to resonate on my tongue along with spicy pepper notes. It's amazingly complex, exotic, and delectable on my palate, which makes me think that high rollers may want to consider using this variety in cannagar production.


In effects, this 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid cross of legendary Blueberry and Skunk #1 easily puts me in super-duper chill mode with a euphoric body buzz. Of course, this was perfect timing because I had nothing else to do for the rest of my day off. What a wondrous combination of laziness and reward for what has been a productive week so far! Great for all my aches and pains this batch, obviously, had some drowsiness associated with it, so may be best for most to partake in its splendor at night.


Sure to send you off on a tension free and mellow joyride whenever you need, you can find this Blueberry Skunk at DC Dash. Hit them up today and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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