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Bubblegum Silky - Exotic Organics

🔥🚨 - Fire Alert! There's basically a designer flower takeover going on at Exotic Organics right now, and we're going to review a few of them for ya across this week. First up, this Bubblegum Silky...which is utterly spectacular 🤩. Originally bred by epic cultivators Mount Burnin Farms, this is a bubblegum flavored skew to their already legendary Silky Gelato.


Though it has Bubblegum in the name, the genetics seem to be a closely held secret over at Mount Burnin so we're unsure of the actual lineage - other than Gelato that is. One could assume that the Bubblegum cultivar is an input, however, the energetic aspects of the effects tend to say to me that there's something besides a heavy indica that's been added to the mix. Perhaps it's just a pheno of the Silky Gelato that runs more energetic and has delicious bubbelgum hues to the aroma and flavor? In any case, it's awesome, so keep up the great work and tell us what's in it when you get around to it.


Even the bag is, shall we say, on fleek. Some people think that if it has the CA warning on it then it had to come from Cali. This is untrue. It just means that the bags CAN be used in CA and, likely, are commonly used there. You can buy (empty) designer mylar packs from almost anywhere online and have them sent to you for relatively cheap. It's the contents that matter - and that we're after - and in this case the contents is some LOUD and extremely delectable designer bud, for sure.

Trying to pinpoint the aroma of these buds is challenging because the notes seem to shift significantly across a sample set of sniffs. Therefore, I'm going to give you a range. On one end there are savory, skunky notes. On the other there are fruity bubblegum-like ones. In the middle they mix together, but there's also a creaminess that usually typifies only the finest Gelato specimens. Maybe we can think of it more like a gelato dessert bar all wrapped up into one pheno's flavor profile?


Note that it's been kept fresh and has globs of hyper-white trichomes so plentiful you may start daydreaming about little avalanches of them occurring when breaking up the buds. It also breaks up in a smooth and "silky" way due to the suppleness of the bracts and sugar leaf remnants. The smoke is so smooth you might even use the term "silky" to apply to it as well.


For a real cannabis connoisseur's dream just hit up Exotic Organics and get some of this Bubblegum Silky ASAP (before I grab the rest of it for myself). Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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