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Cake Batter - Joint Delivery

As far as exotic cannabis flavors go, cake batter has always ranked high on the list for me. This batch from Joint Delivery is no exception. With sugary, slightly bitter, and bready notes in sequence, it runs your taste buds through a delightful roller coaster ride - one that leaves even the most discerning tokers puzzled to identify the flavors they're experiencing.

Flavor aside, this Girl Scout Cookies offshoot (aka Pink Cookies and Wedding Cookies) packs a buzz filled punch with THC levels hovering around 24% on average. She also leans solidly sativa whereas many in the Cookies family tend to be 50/50 or slightly indica. You'll love this one in the day time as it can create giddy creativity levels and edge free energy. A noticeable body buzz can also give more sedentary activities an enjoyable layer of coziness - or even make transitioning to nigh time activities easier with no signs of couch lock.

As far as background goes, the aforementioned Girls Scout Cookies were crossed with flavor champion Cherry Pie. I suppose it's no wonder where this lady gets all her taste and aroma from.

In terms of cultivation and cure, she's expertly done and was obviously tended to by true professionals. The trim is especially tight, the trichomes extra starry, and, of particular mention, the calyxes are fully mature. Time and time again I see Cookies offshoots grown by

less professional growers that taste good, and do the trick, but lack the flavor levels and complexity seen here due to premature harvest. As mentioned in previous articles, so much of a bud's true taste emerges with maturity of calyxes.

Also mentioned in previous articles is the "flush". This important part of the pre-harvest process clears out all of the nutrients from a plant's system and greatly improves flavor and quality of smoke. A tell-tale sign of proper pre-harvest flushing is the white ash produced when smoked. Note that this Cake Batter is indicative of excellent pre-harvest flushing based on the hyper white ash it creates.

If you're into the Cookies line of strains and hybrids, or if you're looking for something deliciously out of the ordinary, I encourage you to check out this scrumptious batch of Cake Batter from Joint Delivery ASAP!


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