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Carbon Fiber - Buddha Buddy DC

Carbon Fiber, from DC’s Buddha Buddy, is a three-way cross between Grape Pie, Cookies & Cream, and Biscotti. It’ll be love at first sight when you take a look at these buds; chunky and plum-colored with calyxes so dark they appear almost black. This batch's bag appeal is

undeniable and cracking open one of the densely structured nugs unveils even more

treasures inside.


The outside is encrusted with amber pistils and inside drenched in sticky trichomes

that ricochet off the nug when manipulated. She’s wildly fragrant; aromatic grape and dough

take center stage while notes of garlic linger in the air.


As she burns, you’ll notice a muted gassiness on the exhale. Not only is Carbon Fiber aesthetically pleasing, but the effects are equally as delightful. A smooth smoke, the high is uplifting and inspiring. All three of its parents are hybrids, with two of the three being indica dominant. With a lineage so complex, it can be hard to anticipate what kind of experience you’ll have, but I can attest that this isn’t the couch-lock munchie-inducer you might think of when you think of indica. Instead, you’re more likely to find yourself giggling alone or ad-libbing your favorite song.


It’s clear that this flower is top-shelf; the sheer number of crystals makes it look like a carnival funnel cake doused in powdered sugar. Holler at Buddha Buddy DC today and grab some of this powerhouse flower for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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