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Carnival - Top Secret DC


Step right up! This Carnival from famed DC i-71 delivery and pick-up specialists Top Secret DC is a ride for the memory books - and you'll have no trouble making one (a book that is) given its highly energizing stance. Yes, it's a super productive sativa dominant hybrid and a cross of standard Haze and another unknown hybrid. The most remarkable aspects about this strain are its mouthwatering skunky/savory smell and its happiness inducing effects.


Yes, appropriately named, Carnival, actually makes you quite cheery when you toke it. It's that kind of eye squinting, nose wrinkled, head tingling buzz that you might remember from past sativa experiences. When the ends of your mouth start to tilt upwards into a cheshire-cat-like grin though, you'll know what I mean when I say it filled me with an inner sense of joy.


The trichome coverage is magnificent, but it is a little delicate to the touch and will shed its frosty layers of goodness onto whatever your container of choice is in a heavy, heavy way. No worries, though - we all like kief, right? Especially the fresh and frosty white kind.


We highly recommend rolling this one up in some fine papers in order to fully exhibit its magnificent flavor. We also must underscore the importance of sparking it up during daylight hours to avoid the potential for a restless sleep. Not a bad idea to have some activity oriented plans in mind as an outlet for what you will feel. Maybe if you do toke it at night you could go to a highly active and energized place. You know one with a lot of lights, games, rides, etc. What do they call those again?

For your own Carnival ride give Top Secret DC a shout ASAP. Don't for get to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for something extra special!

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