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Caviar Rocks - Top Secret DC

Hey everyone! Just a real quick pop-in here to ask: Did you know that Top Secret DC has "Caviar Rocks". These are said to be, and I can confirm, "super gold star nugs, rolled in live badder, and saturated in kief". Needless to say they are VERY strong and actually quite economical on the budget as well.


Just look at all that amazing kief coverage! You KNOW that's gonna be stoooning. Note that many times when you get moon rocks the challenge can be that the material used is, shall we say, a little shoddy or even long in the tooth (aka stale). This is not the case here as the internal bud or "skeleton" of the rock is of great cure and quality to begin with. Then wrap that in a blanket of badder for some additional "glue" and throw some finely sifted kief on top and you have these...gem stones!?!? I think we can call them that.


If you've never had the luxury of experiencing moon rocks or other concentrate/kief rolled buds before this is your chance to check out what the hype has been about, and do it without the significant sum typically required at the west coast dispensaries where they're most frequently found. To get yours give the always impeccable Top Secret DC a shout today!

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