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Cherry Lime Gelato - Georgetown Flavors

Hey tokers! If you're not familiar with Georgetown Flavors - and you're into designer/exotic cannabis - you definitely need to check them out STAT. You might even say their entire menu is exotic by design. However, one that invariably stood out to me was this Cherry Lime Gelato. It's absurd. There's so much variation in color and an absolutely flabergastingly strong flavor and aroma that I had to share it with you all.

It honestly might have sold out, come back, and sold out again...and you can definitely see and tell why. When it first graced my palate my expectation was for something of a similar nature to the Gelato #33 or Larry Bird. What I got, however, was a similar smoothy creamy, gelato goodness, but with a decidedly tart and citrus aftertaste.

Ok so it's not quite a cherry limeade from Sonic in cherry lime flavor, but I argue it's way more awesome. It was the kind of experience where I would push past the other bags in my sample box, grab the lemon cherry gelato and have to convince my self "no, Matt, you need to sample other varieties for other reviews." It was so bad, that I smoked too much, couldn't get good pictures of what I had left, then sent a secret shopper to get more (sorry guys it happens!) so I could get photos (they still don't do it justice).

A 60/40 indica heavy hybrid crossbreed of Cheery Pie, Gelato, and Key Lime Pie she's not going to leave you couch-locked, but does have the power to immerse you in immense relaxation. She's the kind of bud that will rush to your forehead, roll in a euphoric wave down your spine, and then envelope your whole body in a gentle warm glow...but you'll still have the energy to casually float through any toils of the day. Sounds perfect for a weekend! Holler at Georgetown Flavors today and get yours (or something of the same caliber if it's already sold out).

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