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Clementine & Grape Ape - Dreamy DC

In this review we're going discuss two phenomenal, but very different, gift specimens currently available from DC's motivational speech purveyors, Dreamy DC. While differing dramatically in effects, with one overwhelmingly best for daytime and one perfect for night, they compliment each other nicely as you make the transition from day to night. They are the delightfully citrusy sativa-leaning, Clementine, and the funky, fruit forward indica-dominant, Grape Ape.

A cross of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, both very boldly citrus varietals in their own right, Clementine is much as the name implies - it's got a super sweet citrusy zest. In fact it's much like a fresh cut orange, sliced and ready to be squeezed. When you rip this particular batch it's very easy to get immediately psyched if you enjoy citrus flavors, even just a little. To have that kind of fruit specific aroma and flavor come from a bud is pretty astounding to experience, especially for the first time.

In the beer world I've seen many IPA's with orange and tangerine stances recently and I'm becoming a massive fan. It seems like, for whatever reason, these beers tend to leave you both cheery and with a little more pep. That was the case with this clementine as well, as I felt an immediate head rush followed by glowing energy that seemed to coarse through my veins. Yet, though the effects are potently obvious, it left my mind at ease and I was able to focus on all of my daily tasks with what felt like much less pressure. At the end of the day I even had enough creative energy left over to do some grilling, whereas in the past I may have opened the DoorDash app instead.

As the daylight dwindled, my attention turned to the Grape Ape and I became curious about what this deliciously fruity and obviously grape indica would yield. Would it render me immediately unconscious? Would I be able to make it to my fridge first? With the energy and mental stimulation of the Clementine still lingering I also wondered if this was going to be a u-turn or would I more calmly come into another, more tranquil state?

Luckily, the transition was quite a splendid one. The Grape Ape gently swept the citrus laden aura of energy aside and replaced it with what truly felt like a giggly wine buzz. My limbs were light, my head began to tilt slightly different, and my legs felt warm and fuzzy.

At 90/10 on the indica/sativa ratio, Grape Ape is an exceptionally indica-heavy cross of the legendary Afghani, Skunk, and Mendocino Purps varietals. For me, it was like pillowy landing gear to toke this at the end of my day. There I was, like a plane doing loops in the sky and instead of King Kong snatching said plane out of thin air while posted atop the Empire State building, I was softly shepherded to a tidy landing by a purple hued Grape Ape.

To get motivated and then partake in some Clementine and Grape Ape for yourself, just check out the Dreamy DC app and setup your appointment today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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