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Cookie Monster - Baked DC

Nom nom nom nom. This batch of Cookie Monster from Baked DC is a magnificent specimen of a tried and true favorite. The strain became popular after winning the Seattle Cannabis Cup in 2014. With parents like OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) it's not hard to see why. Here at the Toker's Guide we are big fans of both strains and many of their offshoots.

She's an indica, no qualms about it. She does have some energy and mental clarity to her though. Couch lock wasn't a problem, but usually isn't with the OG based varietals in my experience. If you want to relax, but not be knocked out, this is a solid choice.

In terms of the buds, they are quite colorful with varying hues of green and blueish purple. The trichomes are numerous, clustered, and perfectly ripe.

The buds are also extremely dense and break up almost like a cookie...nom.

When broken up, the aroma resembles a fruity cookie. Perhaps something like a fig newton? If a cookie is just a cookie but a fig newton is fruit and cake then this Cookie Monster is more like fruit and cake (when broken up). Prior to that the cookie smell is notable, with a hint of piney OG scent to it as well.

The flavor is quite sweet and cookie-like from the vape. When smoked, the flavor is a bit more exotic and the piney-ness is pulled forward. Overall, an excellent strain to roll in joints and blunts (if you prefer). We prefer it either way and paired with an Old Fashioned cocktail...nom.

There are those who have said that this strain is excellent for various types of pain and muscle spasms. She's certainly potent and left me feeling no soreness from a strenuous morning workout.

If you're into OG's or GSC's and want to mix it up this is a great cross of the two to have in the old stash box. Hit up Baked DC asap to add her to yours.


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