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Cookies and Cream - Elevated Lounge DC

A slightly indica dominant hybrid cross of Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), this Cookies and Cream from DC recreational (i-71) storefront, Elevated Lounge, is a must have for your stash this weekend. While it may be hard to think of anything hot while gazing upon her SUPER iced out appearance, I must say she's some total fire.🔥


Another word that easily comes to mind when partaking in this batch is "blissful". This is as in just how blissful and comfy the mellowing, but still intense, buzz makes you feel. Perfect for a Friday afternoon after a long and arduous week, it can help you erase all the anxietous scars and heavy weights you were seemingly toting moments before your hit.


Sugary, creamy, and with a hint of citrus, the aroma matches the flavor when you roll or pack up this bud. It's still quite starry and fresh, especially on the inside, but the strain isn't terribly sticky so it makes for especially good rolling material. That said, the bong is the way to go for me given the silky smooth and totally mouthwatering hits that you can pull at even bigger size when the water is icy cold. Just like actual cookies and cream the dessert, I think this kind tastes the best when nice and cold.


So head over to Elevated Lounge DC ASAP to get your hands on some of this phenomenal batch of Cookies and Cream. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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