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Devil's Spit - Puff Kings DC

Greetings fellow tokers and DC Connoisseurs! You're going to want to check out this Devil's Spit from Puff Kings DC asap. It's an ode to the Famous Dave's highly sought after BBQ sauce of the same name which contains, as they claim, "only the hottest peppers stolen from the Devil's own backyard". I'm not sure if any of the strains comprising this delectable three way Kush hybrid came from the Devil's backyard, but the quality is of a level so high I wouldn't be surprised if supernatural influence was involved 👹 😂 .


Yes, with THC levels reaching 31%+ this very new and already buzz worthy cross of Afghani Kush, Purple Kush, and Phantom Kush is a euphorically clobbering indica cultivar. Perhaps the great irony here is that, upon exhale, it takes you to a place that is uniquely heavenly despite the connotations the name might imply.

The structure is fluffy. The feel, aroma, and flavor are all indicative of extremely fresh, recently harvested, hydroponic indoor of the highest order. It's bouquet is a whirlwind of fresh fruit, pepper, and an almost wildflower-like level of complex sweetness. The term trich'd out should have a photo of these buds next to it in urban dictionary.

Roll this one in an organic blunt wrap (more on our choices for these soon) and enjoy one of the most mesmerizingly intoxicating, yet ultra smooth and sophisticated tokes ever. Look in your ashtray afterwards and what you'll find will resemble a fresh blanket of snow - the ash is so so flaky white.

Hit up Puff Kings DC Today and make this strain, worthy of the label super rare for sure, a part of your connoisseur collection ASAP.

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