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Do-Si-Dos - DC Teapad

Until last year I never really believed a bud could smell and taste like peanut butter. I'd had several encounters with Do-Si-Dos, but never really got the peanut butter part. Then last August, on a trip to Humboldt County, California, I had the pleasure of trying Peanut Butter Breath. To my surprise, it was incredibly peanut buttery in aroma and flavor. Turns out they had selected and crossed a highly peanut buttery Do-Si-Dos to make it happen. Later I tried that Do-Si-Dos and it was like opening a fresh bag of peanut butter cookies.

This batch of Do-Si-Dos from DC Teapad is remarkably similar to that experience. The peanut butter aroma is immediately apparent upon opening the bag, then slowly gives way to combine with sweet cookie-ness. When vaped or smoked these notes remain in the flavor profile and easily make your mouth water with delight. As I mentioned in my last post about these guys, they always have very aromatic and flavorful gifts. This one is no exception.

When it comes to effects, those who partake of this flower should be aware that this is a high potency (25%+ THC is common) and very indica heavy strain. That means it's great for night time use and many have said that it works wonders for issues like insomnia, pain, and nausea. Newbies, if you smoke too much of this it's likely you'll end up severely couch-locked. Also, smoking too much of an indica while drinking has been known to give people "the spins".

Overall, this is a really tasty batch of a great strain. If you're a fan of strong indicas and peanut butter cookies, schedule a gift delivery with DC Teapad soon before this one's gone!


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