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Double Baccio - Royale Dankness

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

This super duper exotic Double Baccio from DC recreational (i-71) delivery royalty, Royale Dankness, is a cross of the very rare Frosty Fuego (Gelato 41 x Chem Fuego) and Gelato 41. Technically called Double Baccio Gelato, you have some epic levels of trichomes expressing themselves in these bountiful buds.


Also completely overt in it's presence is the gelato-esque creamy, skunky, and slightly citrusy bouquet this specimen possesses. The consensus was to roll this one up and burn it in a fat cone - there was no shortage of compliments on the flavor (nor coughs) when this happened.


At 60/40 on the indica/sativa ratio the energy levels were nearly balanced, but with a heightened level of euphoria typically present in more heavy indicas. You can relax, get things done, maintain your buzz, and still have a presence of mind without couch lock. Probably one that's fantastic for relaxing at the beach (I'm still trying to get there this summer) I think this is one that increases many of the senses while quelling stress levels entirely.


To double your delightment and double your fun (hopefully people will recall this phrase from the 90's chewing gum commercial) with this Double Baccio, just hit up Royale Dankness ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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