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Forbidden Runtz - The Gift Givers

For an even fruitier more tropical version of Runtz that has slightly more indica vibes than the typical 50/50 stance the strain is known for, check out this batch of Forbidden Runtz from DC recreational delivery service The Gift Givers.


The trichome coverage is the first thing I noted - these buds are super trich'd out. They're also still fresh and full of rich and fruity terpenes just waiting to give you a phenomenal bong rip. And I do recommend ripping this one in the tube - the dense stickiness may make it challenging to roll up, but rewards you when percolated by creating a barn stormer of a head high upon exhale.


An indica dominant hybrid cross of Runtz and Forbidden Zkittlez that runs something like 65/35 on the indica/sativa spectrum, Forbidden Runtz is actually quite versatile and provided no sense of the couch lock you might expect. While it is mesmerizing in its potency and ability to drive a powerful full body high, it affords enough energy to keep your head upright, or at least keep you from drooling on yourself. I wouldn't necessarily expect to get a lot of items crossed off your memorial day weekend check-list with this strain in tow, however. You might even say that doing anything too strenuous while under her influence seemed...forbidden. 😂🤦‍♂️


To grab some of this Forbidden Runtz for your own (relaxing) Labor Day weekend festivities just hit up The Gift Givers ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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