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Fresh Baked Oreos - Buddha Buddy DC

Strain: Fresh Baked Oreos

​Service: Buddha Buddy DC

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

When I first opened the cylindrical jar of this Fresh Baked Oreos from DC recreational (i-71) delivery service, Buddha Buddy, I was immediately greeted by an aroma that was literally like a bag of the actual double stuffed cookie for which it's named. In fact, it was so sugary, creamy, and cookie-like I think smoking it actually satisfied my sweet tooth. 😂



Gorgeous buds with heavy, still starry trichomes. Aquamarine and blue-ish purple tints.


Fluffy and spongy with some pliability still. Sticky and challenging to roll - best for the bong or pipe.


Fresh and just beginning to cure.



Sweet, sugary, and creamy with an earthy indica/kush-like essence.


Very kush-like with a creamy, nutty, yet earthy flavor. Hints of chocolate, tea, and lemon are also noticeable.


Oreoz is an indica dominant cross of Cookies N' Cream and Secret Weapon that runs roughly 70/30 on the indica/sativa ratio. Fresh Baked Oreos is a prized phenotype of Oreoz with especially pronounced cookie-like aroma and flavor.



This is an indica lover's dream with a highly euphoric full body high that can leave you soaring (though on your couch) for hours. Tremendous in all indica categories of effects this will relax, sedate, disorientate, and make your eyes bleary with the best of them. Be sure to keep water and some munchies nearby and it's probably best to save this one for evening hours.


A phenomenal batch of Fresh Baked Oreos that's great for closing out your day and sending you off to bed (or just to stream some Netflix in bed) with the glorious glow of a powerful, euphoric indica body buzz. To add some to your stash this weekend just hit up Buddha Buddy DC today or drop by their storefront, The Treehouse, in the Foggy Bottom area. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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