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Frosted Cherries - Lucky Chuckie

Frosted Cherries (aka Frosted Cherry Cookies) is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Cherry Cookies with The White. Now available from DC recreational (i-71) cannabis delivery service, Lucky Chuckie, this strain is a real crusher. It’s a heavy-hitter that is not for the inexperienced cannabis user. Be careful bringing this one on the Thanksgiving walk with your cousins, unless they are seasoned smokers. You could knock out a weed rookie with this strain. LOL


At 28-29% average THC potency, these delicious little nuggets are fast acting and leave the user with a “perma-grin”. Cracking open the package revealed dark olive green nugs with a pink hue mixed in. There was no shortage of orange hairs and thick trichomes were covering all surfaces. The intense skunky, fruity aroma is not to be denied. It really did smell quite a lot like cherries to me.


I packed a bong rip and when I did, the heavy cherry smell intensified as I prepared my lungs for a power hit. The exhaled smoke was earthy and piney in my mouth. The smoke was thick and heavy. Before I could even put my bong down, my head started ringing and I felt a wave of euphoria overtake me. This bud was no joke!


I wasn’t tired from this specimen, but it did have me horizontal on the couch. Actually, for the first time ever I watched an episode of Real Housewives. That's right, completely zoned out, I became invested in it and captivated by the story line. Frankly, I have this weed to thank for opening my mind up to the possibilities of watching one of my wife’s favorite shows. See, weed really is mind expanding! But, I wonder if it will be as enjoyable next time without the stoney high.🤔

Overall, I give these Frosted Cherries two thumbs up. The smooth smoke mixed with the mega chill headspace were the highlights for me and I feel it's one of the best strains around right now. Lucky Chuckie is ready to serve you up an amazing gift of this fine flower right now. Hit them up for all of your cannabis needs and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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