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Fuel Biscuits - Alternative Solutions

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

If you've become a little concerned about finding amazing fresh ganja in the District and are hearing rumblings of a drought for whatever reason (more on this in an article coming soon) then consider this: Get your DC, VA, MD, or whatever state medical card. Then use it to grab some of the sexiest, headiest, local-grown fresh-cut around in the form of these Fuel Biscuits by DC medical cultivator Alternative Solutions.


A cross of the now famously famous Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato, this batch runs just a touch energetic for me, but it certainly is Indica leaning overall. The body buzz alone makes you want to find excuses to roll it up again and again while the decadent flavor lets you enjoy every last puff. The overtly skunky nature of the aroma may make inhabitants of nearby decks lean over and say things like "what's THAT one's name?" But, I guess it just depends on how much you like your neighbors as to whether other not you should burn it on your deck. 😂 🤣


Back to the lineage, some will try to proclaim again and again that Gelato is their absolute favorite cultivar, and it's hard to argue with a spread of professional athlete nicknamed pheno's like #25 (Barry Bonds), #33 (Larry Bird), #41 (Bacio - a Sherbinski grown masterpiece needing no athlete allusion), #42 (some would say James Worthy), and #45 (Michael Jordan). To be honest we have no idea how these names became associated with these strains, but it's intriguing to note how each somewhat relates to the effects. I'll let you ponder that for a while...over some Fuel Biscuits.


We love the care taken with each and every batch Alt Sol cuts down and shares with us and their now large (and fast-growing) fanbase. They're always hunting for better, more exotic genetics and looking to cross the treasures that they find with their tried and true in-house performers. Essentially, they're pushing the envelope of cultivation not only in DC, but across the cannabis landscape.


Of course, you can find this one and all the Alt Sol creations at Herbal Alternatives medical dispensary in Washington, D.C. By the way, for a good daytime consideration, presently, I checked out their new batch of Jack Herer and am finding it to be immensely delightful for all my waking hour needs.


Head to the Alt Sol (Alternative Solutions) site to learn more, or just roll on through to Herbal Alternatives Medical dispensary to grab some under the immense power purveyed to you in the form of your state supplied medical marijuana card - accepted via reciprocity by DC medical dispensaries! Enjoy!


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