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Garlic Cookies - LOCAL'd

For a local grown, indica-heavy, hard-hitting batch of Garlic Cookies look no further than local-only DC i-71 delivery service, LOCAL'd. This harvest came out quite nice and the heavy gassy garlicky aroma is just so obviously intoxicating the only remaining question is: Will this type of garlic ward off vampires?


We each had our questions and concerns on the issue and decided it would be best to smoke some more to gain additional insight. After reaching another plane of spacey stoniness we were all able to come to the consensus that 1). Vampires do exist because there are bats that drink blood and 2). given their strong sense of smell these Garlic Cookies would probably draw them in for a closer look not scare them away. Yet, in reference to human vampires, we decided that 3). any of these Garlic Cookies would render them uninterested in drinking blood, but probably give them intense munchies. Can you tell how stoned we were?


A crossbreed of legendary Chemdawg and famed Girl Scout Cookies, Garlic Cookies runs around 90% indica (90/10) on the spectrum and is known for a strong sense of sedation and euphoria. The aroma alone, is enough to knock you backwards into horizontal mode. Definitely save this one for the evening sessions AND make sure your fridge is well-stocked.


To get some of these Garlic Cookies for your pot pantry and make your local neighborhood vampires more docile than ever, just hit up LOCAL'd and place your delivery order today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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