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Gary Payton Cookies & Lemonnade Cake Mix Glass Tipped Blunts - Buddha Buddy DC


Buddha Buddy DC is always bringing interesting gifts to bear, but they're becoming known more and more for their pre-roll and blunt offerings. Take these two beloved branded blunts, each perfectly rolled with hemp leaf, a glass tip, and true-to-form bud on the inside.


When you open the Gary Payton Cookies the smell of freshly baked ganja cookies blesses your entire nasal cavity. It was just like opening a jar or sealed pack of Cookies' fam GP, but already rolled and ready to go, tip and all!


The Cake Mix was equally as delectable and very similar in aroma and flavor, but with just that extra bit of sugary, "cakey" sweetness. The baking analogy continues to work for Cookies' oriented varietals imo. In this case - just as the names imply - the flavor difference is much like that between eating a sugar cookie vs eating angel food cake. Both are sugary and similar in flavor, but there are subtle differences that make each special.


To grab some of these amazing glass-tipped pre-rolled blunts for yourself just give Buddha Buddy DC a shout ASAP! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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