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Georgetown Pressure by Terp Lords & The Wizard of Za - MASC

According to the Urban Dictionary "pressure" is "that bomb ass weed" or "weed that will make you suffocate". After taking a peek at this Georgetown Pressure, currently available from DC recreational storefront Metropolitan Art & Sculpture Collaboration (aka MASC), I have to agree with the first portion of the definition. This is some pretty incredible tree.


But, in no way does it make me feel as though I may suffocate. In fact, i'd say it's quite the opposite - it makes me feel full of life and energy. With a mesmerizing heady high that starts up top and subsequently begins to reverberate around your whole body, this is extremely potent and reviving in nature. 🤩


Grown locally by Terp Lords & Wizard of Za (IG: @terplordsofficial & @wizardofzaofficial) and a "fan favorite for the past three years", Georgetown Pressure is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid cross of White Runtz and GG#4 that has been stabilized around a pheno that exhibited the gassiest aroma across 18 specimens.


Despite an intimidating appearance and aroma it has an epically smooth toke regardless of the apparatus. The flavor, much like the aroma, is super gassy and skunky. There's also a sort of mystic spice of some sort that will seem familiar to those who are fans of GG#4. Anyhow, as I've stated before, I'm a huge fan of most Gorilla Glue crossbreeds and the fact that this one is local and so fresh instantly makes it a new favorite for me. I'll be placing it at the front of my stash box for sure.


So head to MASC and grab some of this phenomenal Georgetown Pressure for yourself ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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