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Georgia Pie - Buddha Buddy DC

Strain: Georgia Pie

Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 9.0/10

Lean: Indica Dominiant

Initial Thoughts

They say Southern hospitality knows no bounds, and Georgia Pie is here to prove it. DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, Buddha Buddy DC pays homage to the traditions and flavors that make Georgia unique, even though we may have very different ideas of acceptable cannabis laws. 🍑🥧



These soft and silky buds are primarily light green in color with a bunch of orange pistils and some frosty trichome coverage.





Sweet hash mixed with peach and hints of fuel.


A satisfying mixture of sugar cookies, peach, and mint that tastes oh so good.



The Georgia Pie strain is a cross of Gelatti and Kush Mints that runs indica dominant.


Georgia Pie took its time to reveal its effects, slowly building up as I continued to smoke. It induced a subtle yet noticeable sensation of hunger and sleepiness. Throughout the high, I felt a gentle tingly feeling spread throughout my body, adding to my overall state of relaxation. While I felt a spark of creativity, I didn't feel compelled to act on it, preferring instead to bask in the calmness of the moment. Great for lazy evening sessions.



This Georgia Pie smoked real nice, burning a dripping resin ring on my joint as white ash stacked on and on. This one is definitely for those tokers who appreciate a refined taste and a terpene-rich experience in an indica-heavy, evening option. Add some Georgia Pie to your stash by hitting up Buddha Buddy DC and placing your delivery order ASAP. Don't forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you their way!

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