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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Who's ready for a super relaxing weekend? Feel like you REALLY need to unwind? Maybe stay mostly horizontal from Friday until sometime Monday morning? Well, have I got the strain for you. It's probably the strongest indica I've ever smoked, it goes by the name Grandaddy Pluto, and it 's brought to you courtesy of Top Secret DC.

Do you like a little bud with your trichomes? That's the situation here for sure - more trichomes than leafy matter. Unbelievable. I've seen this type of heavy, heavy, trichomes before on strains like Purple Punch, Slurricane, and Gorilla Cake, but this is pretty astounding.

A crossbreed of Grandaddy Purps (GDP) a renowned indica, and the mysterious and elusive Pluto Kush, this is an extravagantly exotic batch. The nose is spritely and citrusy, but with notes of kush - like something out of a market in a nepalese village (or at least what I imagine it would smell like).

It's also notable how clean, smooth, and hyper white this bud burns. The lack of harshness almost makes you question your hit, but soon it completely overtakes your mind with a sense of IDGAF anymore.

The euphoria is almost too much, like someone is tickling your spine. It's seriously incredibly, incredibly stoning. Also not for those with pressing intellectual pursuits. Believe me when I say you will not be able to think clearly enough to be cogent, and you will also lack any motivation whatsoever to become otherwise.

Yes, fellow tokers, this is pure sedative, nearly in a catatonic fashion, medicine for the worn soul. After all we've been through these last few weeks, months....hell, this's ok to take a mental health weekend and have fun staring at your ceiling for a while, right?

Give our good friends over at Top Secret DC a shout asap to get some of this absolutely phenomenal bud for yourself!

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