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Grape Soda - DC Dash

Listed as an "excellent evening strain" by several publications we were stoked to get to try this phenotype of Tahoe OG that goes by the alias, Grape Soda. Available on current gift deliveries via super duper speedy DC recreational delivery crew DC Dash, you should consider giving this one a try for your upcoming weekend indica needs.


With fantastically heavy white trichomes throughout, these buds are clearly grown by professionals selecting from high-end genetics. This is also apparent in the way the buds seem to flake off in your hands - they're still supple versus hard as rocks like you might find at a lesser outlet. Easy to roll up and leaving a trail of heavy kief grit behind everywhere, you can reward yourself for a long hard day's work by throwing this in a paper and burning it down in the lead up to your bedtime rituals.


At first, I was a bit fooled because the bag had smudged some and I couldn't make out the entire name. I thought it said Grape Sour, meaning that this might be a Sour Diesel cross. However, upon receiving the correct name (and obviously before partaking) I knew that the slightly sour, yet slightly fruity, and piney aroma was, indeed, not diesel. And with that, with this one strain, the diverse array of aromas and flavors possible in the OG universe just expanded in my mind.


So hit up DC Dash to get your hands on some of this Grape Soda ASAP and enjoy a mesmerizing nighttime indica buzz as your head hits the pillow this weekend. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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