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Grape Stomper - Joint Delivery

This batch of Grape Stomper of the "JD Flowers" line from the always fantastic Joint Delivery has the most delightfully strong grape aroma I've smelled on a flower...maybe...ever? It's a strong statement, but here I sit with a sizable jar of several different impeccable varieties, each with their own top-shelf aroma to flex, and the most pronounced aroma to first emerge from under its lid is irrefutably grape. It's not simply the type of grape aroma and flavor that you get from a grape juice. No, it's much more comparable to the grape-ness of Big League Chew or Grapalicious bubblegum. I mean, shouldn't Grape Stomper BE the name of a grape flavored bubblegum at this point?

As a cross of Chemdawg Sour Diesel and the ever exotic Purple Elephant strains, both heavily stimulating on the sativa spectrum, it's easy to gather how much energy this strain can generate. Sativa dominant might not quite cut it, though the claimed hereditary line is 70/30. Yet, even though it's intensely invigorating, it's not overpowering and certainly did not elicit any anxiety-oriented effects for your's truly. In fact, quite the opposite - I found it to possess incredibly peaceful and creativity inspiring mental effects. At the end of the day, however, you definitely don't want to use this one at the end of the day😉 . Daytime only!

Cultivator's note: the layers of trichomes on this batch suggest pure professionals of the highest order and, likely, extensive use of CO2. Note that properly managed CO2 supplementation during budding/flowering can not only increase overall yield, but also spur intense trichome growth. Of course, genetics play a huge role and not every plant will be able to max out trichomes to this level. Regardless, bravo 👏

If you want to taste some truly immense, truly exotic, grape stomping flavor, or if you're into inspiring, energetic, sativa-heavy hybrids, do yourself a flavor...I mean favor...and hit up Joint Delivery today!


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