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Guava Lava by CULTA - The Living Room (Maryland Recreational)

Strain: Guava Lava

Dispensary: The Living Room

Market: Maryland Recreational

Overall Rating: 9.0/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

We’ve been seeing a ton of reports that this Guava Lava, cultivated by craft cannabis brand, CULTA, is a real crowd pleaser. It’s currently available at Maryland recreational and medical marijuana dispensary, The Living Room, just outside Baltimore and it's partially sweet, partially gassy nose already has my tastebuds eager in anticipation. 🤤



Tight, dense and nicely manicured buds that are green hued and have large, wispy orange pistils.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



Sweet at first with subtle gassy undertones. Once broken up the scent of berries and gas stuck to my fingers for what seemed like hours.


A super terpy, funky, and gassy flavor profile with slightly sweet tropical notes upon exhale.



The Guava Lava strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Kauai Mints #77 that leans indica dominant.


It all started with a lifting and sociable experience, transitioning into a soothing, calming sensation. It managed to obliterate my bad mood, leaving me in a state of good vibes and relaxation that lasted for hours. The best part is, it didn't drain my energy levels too much and left me joyfully soaring through the clouds instead. However, it's not an ideal choice for a productive workday as the high can detract from focus.



This batch of CULTA's Guava Lava is one to be savored during the quieter moments of your day, or when there's no rush to accomplish tasks. Whether you're sharing it with friends or enjoying some me time, this strain provides a soothing and delectable experience that'll keep you coming back to The Living Room for more. When you visit don't forget to mention that you heard about them on Toker’s guide!


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