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Gumbo - The Gift Givers

The always super friendly and customer service oriented folks over at DC i-71 delivery service, The Gift Givers, have another delightful strain on their hands in this "Gumbo". Named for its bubble gum flavor, she leans toward the indica side and one would be wise to bet that she packs high terpene levels as well. 🧪

This batch in particular had a sweet, but hashy aroma that accelerated dramatically in pungency when squeezed or crushed. If you could waft the air above your grinder into a jar after grinding this you might be able to claim it as a valuable fragrance, but you're probably best just loading it in a GUD paper and burning it down instead.

With super secretive genetics, the background of this bud is virtually unknown to the general public. However, I would say that the super unique structure and almost familiar aroma make me want to think this is a cross of Bubblegum and some type of OG Kush. In any case, it has the mind-melting, body-buzz-wielding indica effects of a great nighttime treat.

To get your hands on some of this delicious Gumbo just hit up DC i-71 delivery service The Gift Givers ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for your free bonus edible!

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Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright

Awesome strains from super reliable and convenient service! Will be back every time!

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