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Hindu Kush by Alt Sol - Takoma Wellness Center

When you find the lineage of Hindu Kush in some online publications it's sort of funny because it's the only thing listed in its family tree. That is, of course, because it's a landrace 100% indica varietal that was originally bred in the Hindu Kush mountain region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. A monument to the selective breeding of cannabis and the medicinal qualities possible from it, this strain has been cultivated to perfection over the last couple thousand years. Incidentally, it's also being cultivated to perfection right here in DC by the now legendary Alternative Solutions (aka Alt Sol).


The aroma is a sweet sandalwood with hints of citrus fruit and other exotic floral notes that are hard to place, but induce salivation nonetheless. In scent and flavor it brings to mind dining in an open air market in some mystic mountain village with incense wafting through the air. There are so many nuances and notes blending in a complex array that it almost clouds the mind in a welcomed, but somewhat disorienting whirlwind. This undoubtedly enables it to be more impactful for the spiritual activities it's known to be used for in its native region and beyond.


For me, it's one of the most healing ones that I've come across and it's easy to see why it carries such fame along with it. In college I would seek it from a friend who grew it religiously just so I had "The Hindu" on hand for hard hitting hangovers. It had an uncanny knack for knocking any nausea and headaches out in minutes. Nowadays, I rarely drink to the point of a hangover, but I noticed the same euphoric healing qualities and palpable full-body buzz soon after exhale. There's also some drowsiness in the cards, but then rest is another needed part of any healing regimen, right? 😉


If you haven't had the chance to try Hindu Kush before, there's probably never been a better time given that this batch is brought to market by top DC craft cultivator, Alternative Solutions. They do incredible work and this is one of the best "HK" specimens I've ever seen (don't be jealous "Friend from College", k?).

If you head to DC medical marijuana dispensary Takoma Wellness Center ASAP you can grab some for your own stash this weekend. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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