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Horchata - The Gift Givers

If you're looking for terpene rich, super flavorful flower with a fantastic high that won’t drag you down, then look no further than this Horchata strain coming to us from DC i-71 cannabis delivery service, The Gift Givers. This delicious hybrid is sure to please even the most discerning palate and it's some of the richest smoke I have had in quite a while.


I was delighted from the moment I opened the bag and the fruity, creamy aroma filled the air. This balanced hybrid (50/50) was created by combining the exotic Mochi Gelato strain with aroma powerhouse Jet Fuel Gelato. The resulting fruity, creamy, and slightly skunky taste also harbors a nutty flavor which is sharp in the mouth and vibrant to the nose.


The flavor lasted from beginning to end as I burned a nice fat joint of this chronic bud. Soon the morning slipped into mid-afternoon and the whole time I was in a state of relaxation with pleasant tingling sensations all over. These sensations seemed to start at my shoulders and spine performing what felt like a holistic back massage that smoothed out the tension of my day so far.

This bright green bud with its purple flecks, orange hairs, and heavy trichomes is sure to be a crowd favorite at any party you attend this holiday season. Roll up a joint of this and your friends will be sailing up in the clouds and, as the euphoria sets in, everyone’s laughter meter will be through the roof - let the giggle fest begin!


Any time is going to be the right time to give Horchata a try. This one is definitely going on the Tokers Guide favorite list and we think it will be on yours too. Give The Gift Givers a call today and they will get you squared away with some Horchata (or some of their many other awesome strains) with the quickness. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you their way!

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