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Toker Vision - Pre-Roll Edition

Since the pandemic started (isn't it over yet?) the cannabis world in DC has evolved considerably. Before the pandemic about 70% of the average DC I-71 business was "pick-up", where people came to a hotel, AirBnB, or mixed-use office space to see a makeshift "dispensary" and select the type of gift they might like to be gifted. In the height of the pandemic, things shifted to 90% delivery. Companies that were already or the most ready to begin serving delivery customers at high volumes were able to grow tremendously and cash in.

Now, with the pandemic having mostly lifted in the past several months, the storefronts have taken off and delivery has been dented. Perhaps, if the pandemic rears its ugly head again we'll see a hard move back to delivery, but I frankly see that portion of the business retracting a bit. One evolution to cannabis toking behavior has emerged and remained durable, however, throughout the pandemic. That is the now much stronger affinity for pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes or "pre-rolls".

This makes perfect sense if you think about it. Prior to pandemic people would certainly smoke joints, passing them and other apparati between themselves, but no one really wants to be this friendly when there's a killer coronavirus afoot. Instead, what people have turned to more and more is bringing enough pre-rolls for themselves AND their friends.

"Hey there! Great to see you! Wanna go burn one?"


"I rolled one for each of us!"

"Well, in that case. Sure!"

Sorry for the PSA announcement level blandness of the demonstrative convo above, but I figured it would help get the point across a little better, in context.

So if pre-rolls for everyone are the new "life of the party" then it got me thinking: Who has the best pre-rolls in DC? Sounds like a job for Toker Vision!

...and with that we set out on the dusty trail across the District in search of the best pre-fashioned cigarillos we could get our hands on. Needless to say there are many not-so-good pre-rolls in town. Some people believe that pre-rolls are where under appreciated buds go to die. Others feel that any and all shake is fair game. Therefore, we made both of these conditions immediate dis-qualifiers.

First up on our list, and finishing in a very respectable Third Place (especially given the competition) is Georgia Avenue staple and storefront, All The Buzz. We really like the friendly, down-to-earth nature of this place and it certainly has a more mellow vibe than some others. You can also find some really great deals here on the regular, even if they don't always have the most exotic or latest designer cultivars. What I was very excited to learn about them, however, was that their pre-rolls are flat out great.

You can easily tell that it's actual buds used and they are selected from the same batches that end up in jars and bags on their shelves. In this case, bud from their MAC1 flower - YUM!

We ended up walking around with it and explored some of the nooks and crannies of Georgetown. Then we ate some pizza (don't be jelly!) and lit two more. What a splendid day! Thanks for the buzz All the Buzz!

Next up on our list and making it to the podium in Second Place, is the Eastern Market neighborhood's fantastic storefront, No Kids Allowed (@nka.dc) with their Leaf Ninja packs of 7 premium pre-rolls. As indicated, these are rolled in fine cigar paper and loaded with ultra-premium cannabis flower. The pack is intricately decorated with Japanese anime art and has a magnetic flap that makes it easy for closing up tight (to protect the beautiful gifts on the interior no less).

Also inside you'll find a compartment for handy matches and a luxurious tip - so that you don't even have to put your mouth on the pre-roll itself if you don't want. On the outer edge take note of the strike pad for the matches too!

Often when I find extremely elaborate packaging I become concerned about the quality of the product within - not in this case. The flower used is definitely 1). ultra-premium and smells spectacular, 2). predominantly buds - and of a healthy, kiefy, neon green variety and 3). ready to get even someone with the tolerance that I have super lit.

...And in First Place, with the best, most spectacular pre-roll available (that we could find) on the DC market today we give you...

The Cannahiba Cannon from DC storefront, Elevated Lounge. If you haven't had one of these you are in for a SUPER treat. It's like having the best, most exquisite flower hand-rolled by an expert cigar maker, but using joint (cigarette) paper and adding a wooden tip!

These things are THICK too - definitely the fattest, most luxurious pre-roll I've had in a while (aside from items where concentrate has been added - saving this for the next pre-roll edition, lol). Personally, they're so nice and the smoke is SO SO good, I think you have to hold it like a cigar when you're puffing it.

So head to Elevated Lounge, grab one of these bad boys (we grabbed the Lemon Cherry Gelato - holy cow!) and then enjoy burning on it for about 30 minutes or so. Totally defeating the aforementioned COVID move toward not passing joints, you might want to invite a friend or two to help you finish it 😂 🤦‍♂️ ! Happy Toking!!!

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