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Introducing DC Dash - Bubblegum Gelato

If I had to encapsulate DC Dash into a short tag line of my own humorous design, it would be something like: "Get your head stash in a flash?" Or maybe, "Arrives in a flash, then you're stone off your a**!" Either way, they are super quick, their web and overall customer experience is great, and you might say this Bubblegum Gelato of theirs "dashed" all my hopes of doing anything productive after it arrived.


It's a cross of the famed indica Blueberry and the now infamous hybrid Gelato, and while they say it runs "slightly"on the indica side of the spectrum (something like 60/40) for me it was more indica heavy. The word that comes to mind, frankly, is "melt"...but in a really, really good way. I suppose that's appropriate given the eponymous dessert. And so I melted. Into the couch, upon my floor, across the hall and onto a lounge chair. It was VERY relaxing and the tingles up and down my spine were quite pronounced.


In flavor and aroma, there's the savory and skunky gelato notes that are first present when you open the pack. But, when you break it up there's this mega funky fruitiness that asserts itself. Throw this in your bong and you'll find the exotic and pronounced flavors will seem to engulf your entire body, even feeling as if the smoke is streaming from your ears. Maybe it is - don't hold it in too long! 😂 🤦‍♂️

It's also interesting to note the intense contrast between the outside and inside of each of the buds I broke open. Like little geodes there were darker hues of purple and green on the outside, but on the inside the greens were neon and the purples were like a fresh Lakers' jersey. Not to mention the crystalline structures of the starry trichomes that twinkled once revealed.


We're super stoked to welcome DC Dash to the Toker's Guide fold and if you're looking for that indica-heavy hybrid with an exotic, fruity finish, give them a shout and have some Bubblegum Gelato delivered in a flash!

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