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Jokerz 31 - District Derp

Check out this batch of Jokerz 31 from DC recreational delivery service, District Derp. According to the flower description on their website, their selections are all organically grown by local master growers using small batch cultivation methods. As a Virginia compliant hobby grower with aspirations to move into the recreational market upon full legalization, I too enjoy crafting an organic product and this specimen is a great example of what an organic approach, along with quality genetics, can produce.


Yet another powerful indica to add to my stashbox, the "Jokerz" mellow and relaxing high is not overly couch lock capable but has plenty of chill vibes within its cannabinoid and terpene complexities. The dark green to emerald flower is laced with silvery glistening trichomes and has purple splashes across its insides. My sample was the size of a golf ball and had the aroma of funky gas and fruity earth-tones.

The lineage of this strain is a combination of White Runtz and Jet fuel Gelato, which explains the heavy gas aroma present all around me. As I broke it up to roll a large, cylindrical joint for the Mrs. and I to share, the complex scents being released transcended from nose to palate and then to what seemed like my entire personal space.

Prior to lighting it we spent a good amount of time (probably too much) just smelling the"J" trying to discern what fruit, or collection of fruit, the fruity notes resembled. Let's just say the aroma is pretty epic with this one.

The joint burned slow, even, and with a classic white ash. It was also super smooth and extra satisfying, which led me to even greater appreciation of District Derp’s company values and commitment to organics. As fresh as the unique doggy paintings that they sell are, their flower choices are just as fresh, if not fresher - sorry Sudo (that's their Alaskan Klee Kai that does the painting).


In terms of effects, we both felt sedated and immensely relaxed with a great euphoric body buzz. Some great sleep was def on the horizon for both of us, but for the moment we were bleary-eyed and giggly watching some silly B movie. So give District Derp a shout and tell them that Toker's Guide sent you to find out what this "Joker" is all about.

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