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King Louis XIII - No Kids Allowed

Many OG Kush fans swear by King Louis XIII as their favorite, which says a lot given the other OG varietals available. I guess with a name literally fit for a king you would expect it to be pretty awesome. How does this King Louis XIII from DC i-71 storefront No Kids Allowed stack up? Read on to find out my liege.


The aspects of this indica-heavy flower that we would consider "royal" or "fit for a king or queen" are its pronounced piney yet buttery flavor/aroma and its euphoria-filled buzz. The buzz alone is spectacular and could be characterized as coating you in a cozy blanket - maybe like one of those white ones with the tiny dark spots that you always see old royalty wearing.


It is somewhat of an energetic buzz though. One that allows you to keep moving if you want to, but in what I could only describe as a heavily relaxed state - perhaps reclined on your throne while reciting some poetry. Any sense of a crown you might have, though, is just the royal body buzz migrating to your head.

Also notable is the freshness of the batch with its bracts still pliable and sticky. Many OG's can have smaller trichome size meaning they won't look like the crazy indica designers that are out there in purple adorned with white frost. But, they can be every bit as potent (if not more so) with their emphasis on resin density and terpene levels.


They say you can smell a joint of some truly fine OG from a mile away and still know it's an OG that you're smelling. Well in this case think of the powerful aroma like the trumpet fanfare that announces the arrival of distinguished royalty.

To get some of this "Louis" for yourself head over to DC storefront No Kids Allowed ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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