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Kush Mintz - Flight Pass

Come take a "flight" with DC i-71 storefront Flight Pass and give these kushy Kush Mintz a try. She's a slightly indica dominant, but some would argue balanced, hybrid cross of renowned Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. To say this high is euphoric would be an understatement.


If compared to flying, this buzz would be sort of like traveling on a magic carpet, but the carpet would definitely be super fluffy and soft shag carpeting (and probably purple too). If you were playing a game show with 3 people who recently toked upon this batch and you asked them the first word that came to mind when they thought about their buzz they would probably give you some version of "cozy". But, this answer would most likely be preceded by some looks of aw and bewilderment, maybe a laugh or two as well. If you have productive things to focus on, keep these buds far, far away or prepare to be similarly befuddled.


With a healthy coating of trichomes throughout and a lovely forest of deep purples, the quality of the genetic lineage is immediately obvious. While not as fresh as some of their other varietals, it was cared for and cured properly making it still especially odiferous and exuding "kush" with every waft of the jar.


Perfect for taking a load off, but not sending you head first into the couch, we like these Kush Mintz rolled in big coniferous joints. The flavor and aroma are highly exotic and will add an almost mystic aura to any room or even outdoor space.


Passing her around the fire pit at the end of the night is sure to entangle everyone in a pleasant bout of giggling. There's a strong psychedelic essence to the effects that blends so nicely with all the sights and scents of the early Spring at night.


So head to DC storefront Flight Pass ASAP and check out these Kush Mintz and their many other excellent gifts. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and have a great weekend!

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