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Lemon Biscotti - No Kids Allowed

One of the best varietals I've had a chance to roll up this year (so far) is this Lemon Biscotti from DC i-71 storefront, No Kids Allowed. With a stack of OCB virgin rolling papers and a handful of this L.B. (as it came to be called) I must say, we had no problem enhancing an already super fun snow day walkabout. Here's why...


With a very healthy amount of fresh kief covering each and every bud we can tell that both the genetics and the level of cultivation were very high. The diverse array of colors and brighter, livelier greens also help to indicate both caliber and freshness are dialed-in.


A cross of Lemon Frosting and the famed Biscotti you'd be correct in guessing that aroma and flavor are strong points with this batch. Wafting some of the aroma toward your nose, the first notes to hit you are definitely citrus, but they are very quickly followed by something much like a sweet bread or cake, making your mouth water with excitement.

These same olfactory aspects are magnified and passed onto the flavor in greater abundance when toked. The very best way to experience all of this deliciousness, in its most traditional form, of course, is by joint. Even the structure is ideal for rolling as it breaks up in a gritty way with the citrus aroma fully released and not too much overt stickiness to clog or bungle the job.


To take a stab at rolling some of this indica-heavy hybrid designer strain for yourself, just head on over to the Eastern Market area of DC and visit storefront No Kids Allowed. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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