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Lemon Cherry Oreoz - Flower Ave

A trend that I've been seeing in the Washington DC cannabis market recently is the demand for and continuous presence of the lemon cherry flavor profile. Most frequently, this has been various harvests of Lemon Cherry Gelato, many of them quite spectacular. In the case of this review specimen DC recreational (i-71) cannabis gifting and delivery service, Flower Ave, has brought forth a super rare and highly exotic lemon cherry skewed batch of Oreoz. Going by the name Lemon Cherry Oreoz it's as intimidating in its massive terp-filled aroma as it is in appearance.


The nose is so pungent on this flower that when you open the pack you almost want to turn your head away and say "pheeeewwww" for a moment. Then the cannabis tilt to your brain will quickly point out that "wait, we like this smell!" After a long waft I was able to break through the overt skunky and pine filled fumes to reach something much like a black cherry lollipop. It was practically perfume the aroma was so strong and inundating of the nostrils.


Running what seems like slightly indica dominant, Lemon Cherry Oreoz feels a bit more energetic than the normally more sedative and indica heavy Oreoz strain - which is a cross of Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon. To speculate, this could be a cross of Oreoz and Lemon Cherry Gelato, and that's probably my best guess.


Hits of this from the bong will result in intense euphoria and a mouth full of flavor for minutes after exhale. Those daring enough can roll it up to get an ooey, gooey, rich, and creamy Gelato profile that's awesome, but crazy strong. I kind of equate this richness and potency to a decadent chocolate dessert that you can't finish. It's SO good, but eventually you have to draw the line.

To experience the truly astounding terpene ride of this Lemon Cherry Oreoz for yourself just hit up Flower Ave and place your order today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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