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Purple Punch - Green Kings

Presenting, Purple Punch from Green Kings. This bad girl of indica (80% indica/20% sativa) is a cross of Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps. She's perfect for a chilly Monday evening. Netflix, blanket, Purple Punch, bingo! In fact, she makes me want to start Indica Mondays. Done.

The nose of this batch is spectacular. At first smell you get notes of sweet fruit and cream, but your brain soon makes sense of the fruit and an exotic grape aroma takes over. The flavor is similar to that of a grape soda when vaped - delicious! I also thoroughly enjoyed rolling her in a joint and pairing with prosecco.

The effects set in sort of slowly with this strain - what you might call a "creeper". At first you'll feel a bit disoriented, then euphoric, and finally a wave of relaxation. The Grand Daddy Purps tends to be a little more on the energetic side of indicas, so couch lock will be less of an issue, but still a possibility.

In terms of structure, these buds are expertly cultivated and really well tended too. The trichomes are a starry/cloudy white to the naked eye, but just the right shade of amber under magnifying glass. The only issue is a slight amount of light burn as seen in on the cola below (a touch of yellow). However, this issue is very minor and likely only seen on my sample bud due to it being the top cola of the plant (closest to the light). Otherwise, a perfect specimen in every way.

Overall, she's an absolutely gorgeous indica varietal to add to any connoisseur's collection and I highly recommend scheduling an appointment or delivery with Green Kings asap if you want to add her to yours.


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