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Lemonheads - Joint Delivery

If you like the old school lemonheads candy like I do, you will love this batch of Lemonheads (aka Lemonhead OG) from Joint Delivery. She's a sativa heavy hybrid that hails from renowned Royal Choice Farms out of the Arizona medical cannabis scene. Interestingly, unlike many other varieties dubbed "Lemon" in name, this particular strain is a sweeter, candy-like aroma whereas others can be more solvent-like. I'd say the uniqueness of this lemon flavor alone makes this bud worth the try for all ye connoisseurs out there.

Another noteworthy aspect of this bud is its energy levels - they're off the charts! I typically like to smoke what I'm reviewing right before or even during my writing session. Some would say that the variety of cannabis being reviewed has been directly influencing my writing style. Well OK! I love it! What better way to pass on a deeper sense of the effects and overall

experience of a gift under review than the undertones of its effects exhibited in words written about it? So, if I had to comment on what I feel being passed through me as I type this, it is sheer energy paired with a slight lack of cerebral clarity. I could be more focused right now (can you tell?), but my mind is wanting to rapidly jump from stimuli to stimuli.

Considering all the aforementioned energetic effects you might be surprised - just as I was - to find that this strain stems from a Kush cutting. Most of the time Kushes that you will encounter at I-71 services and dispensaries will run on the indica side. So while the cerebral nature of the variety would be familiar to Kush smokers, the energy levels may leave them joyfully puzzled. Daytime only folks! I imagine sleep would be very challenging if you pack her in your pipe before bed.

As always with Joint Delivery, and all of our Toker's Guide Top Five, this bud is impeccable in structure, cure, and overall quality. Its cultivation was undoubtedly tended to by seasoned professionals and this is highly evident in its appearance, aroma, and flavor. The texture of the bud is quite crumbly and gritty bushels of trichomes will coat your fingers like fine sand as you bread it up. For a fuller, terpene profile oriented experience, I recommend loading her in a flower vape. Otherwise, grab your papers because this is the perrrrfect joint rolling tree.

If you've got a ton of work, exercise, or even sports to play, but want to take a nice little buzz and lot of extra energy with you, then check these Lemonheads out. Hit up Joint Delivery and schedule your delivery appointment today!

...AND don't forget to use the promo code "TokersGuide" to get $10 off!


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