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MAC 1 - Buddha Buddy

Today I had the grand pleasure of puffing and reviewing this outstanding MAC 1 specimen from famed DC recreational (i-71) delivery service, Buddha Buddy. Mac 1 is a cultivator's cultivar with some of the most beautiful and photogenic flowering plants that have ever been captured on camera.


The original creator of Mac 1 is a breeder known as “Capulator” and if you have one of “Cap’s Cuts” in your "stable" as a grower, then you're holding onto something really special and highly sought after. This is for many reasons, but especially due to their almost entirely white and frosty outer layer of thick and milky trichomes.

This strain boasts extremely high numbers on the THC scale with upper 20’s being a commonly seen percentage. What lies beneath the encrusted layer of sugary goodness is a light and bright green nugget that grinds into perfection. One minute they were frosty buds and the next they were a ground gorgeous blend of white and light green with a funky, creamy, almost vanilla aroma. There were hints of a sweet nut, like cashew or macadamia as well. Honestly, the smell was so enticing I wanted to bury my whole face in it.


By taking a rare landrace sativa, Colombian, crossing it with Starfighter, and then crossing the result with Alien Cookies (Alien Dawg X GSC), you get the now notorious MAC strain. Then, by selecting for ideal traits and backcrossing you get the MAC 1 pheno seen here with this spectacular batch.

I found this strain to demonstrate the expected, highly balanced properties for me. Initially, I would describe my experience as one that was immensely euphoric. Just a few tokes brought me to the happiest mental state I had experienced in a long time. I was in eternal bliss and my day had only just begun.


I took puffs of "the MAC" throughout the day and even found myself at the new skatepark dialing in my lines around the bowl section. Skateboarding is one of my favorite past times and there’s nothing like a few tokes of the good Lord’s green to light up a session. This particular herb had me focused and centered to the point where I got into the groove and was getting grinds where I hadn’t before.

I can recommend this batch for both high focus tasks as well as just kicking back and relaxing on your patio. It was definitely anxiety reducing, but at the same time I think it could liven up a party and, potentially, position you as the player to be remembered. Then, every time you come back to the party people can say, "Hey, it's the return of the MAC!" 😂🤦‍♂️

To get your MAC (1) on just hit up Buddha Buddy today and tell them Ben at Toker's Guide sent you!

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